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Jonathan Robinson Answers His Critics!!!!

I just can't take it any more, and I have finally snapped.

Over a year ago I did a post reviewing a TV sermon by Charles Stanley, it has consistently been one of the blog's most popular posts for the last year and has garnered an unprecedented (for Xenos) amount of anonymous comments.  I was having fun just letting it roll, but the last anonymous comment was so earnest I just couldn't help replying, and now the flood gates have opened .  I can't reply on the post because all the commentors have the same name, so I have supplied my reply in italics below the comment here.

Anonymous said...
Learn how to write before you start putting people down.
I'm sorry, I'm hoping through constructive feedback to improve in time.  Thanks for your help.
Anonymous said...
Dr. Stanley is a gifted Bible teacher. He has the love of God in him and it shines.
If you say so then I don't doubt it, it just wasn't on display that morning.  What was your name again?
Anonymous said...
You must be a muslim.
And if you think that that is an insult you must be a racist.
Anonymous said...
Amen! Preach it Brother!
Kia ora bro!
Anonymous said...
You should spend less time looking for negative things to say about Godly people and more time encouraging people!
Too right!  Although to be fair I wasn't really looking for anything negative, it was kind of hard to avoid.  Can I encourage you to stop leaving anonymous comments and be proud of your opinions?  
Anonymous said...
What qualifies you to critique a much-loved Christian teacher after watching a thirty minute broadcast? There are many tv Christian speakers. No one agrees with all of them. When you find one you don't like, change the channel. It's not hard to do. If I read your essays, I'm sure I could find something to criticize. However, on the basis of your blog, I'm not inclined to read anything else you have written. I'm trying to remember that Yes, God does love even arrogant you.
Thanks for asking.  I believe watching a program and thinking about it qualifies me to offer criticism, as to whether I am qualified enough to influence your opinion, well I'd rather you made that decision on the merits of the argument, not my credentials.  

There is more on the post but these are the ones I really needed to respond to.  Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.


  1. Very constructive and helpful responses to the comments, I think it also helps that you are very funny. Good work!

  2. Thank you so much for posting this: it made my day. [I thought better of not logging on before posting! ;)]

  3. David and Matt, thankyou so much for commenting nonymously!! Glad to share the amusement around. :-)


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