Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Blog Plug: William Birch

Happy to have found a new-to-me blog where a learned Southern Baptist Arminian takes to task such luminaries as Albert Mohler and Michael Patton with great aplomb.  I dropped a cheeky remark on Patton's post on prevenient grace myself and really need to do a proper response to the reply I got, sadly I think the carnival is going to be taking up any blog time for the rest of the week.  Do check him out if that is your cupatea.


  1. I read his old blog The Arminian before he moved - I'll check him out again.

  2. i went off his blogging last year, i thought his style was getting increasingly arrogant, now it seems he has allegedly fallen into some major indiscretion and removed his blog/s from the internet, so this post is getting lots of hits as people search for billy birch. Suffice to say you won't find him, at least at the time of this comment, but you have found a high quality baptist theology and biblical studies blog, so why not put me in your feedreader and let me fill the hole in your heart a little? ;-)