Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dealing with spam comments

Over the last few months I have had a veritable torrent of spam comments, 10s a day and as my blogging time is rather limited these days that meant I often had a big heap in my inbox. For a while google was doing a good job moving them to spam automatically but this month it stopped and all the spam just came landed in a soggy heap on my blog. I don't like to moderate comments as it means I hold up conversations if I am not checking the blog regularly and those silly type the word and prove you are not a computer boxes are a pain in the arse so I didn't want to inflict those on you. However by disallowing anonymous comments I seem to have stopped the spam dead in its tracks without inflicting unnecessary annoyance to genuine commentors. You are welcome . . . just call me sheriff JR.

The only downside is that those genuine comments (often in defense of Charles Stanley's preaching) that are anonymous are no longer permitted. Which is a shame, because I love baiting people with no name. ;-)


  1. You get comments from The Man With No Name! About Stanley Charles' preaching!! How cool is that ;)