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Christmas Greetings

I know it has been a lean year for my long suffering blog readers, but as a sign i still love you, and that the rivers of xenos have not yet run dry, here is some traditional Christmas excess, two sumptuous carols from the UK, where my thoughts often turn to distant family and friends in the northern hemisphere at this time of year as I put on my suntan lotion and check we've got our boogie boards for the beach ;-)


Human Will Power is Not Enough

Today there was a wonderful convergence between the lectionary readings and my own circumstances. In ministry one of the most useful character traits is stubbornness and resolve, the ability to keep doing what is right regardless of the opposition or discouragement. It doesn't really matter how talented you are or enthusiastic if you will give up when the going gets tough. The pastors that make a real difference are more than a flash in the pan, they go the long haul and take the licks. But simply being stubborn, or even optimistic is not enough.

brick-a-brack 131212

My poor neglected blog friends, here are some tasty treats to keep you sweet, till i get some time and space to do you some home baking of my own.

Vinoth tells 20th C. history from a different perspectiveLesley warns against testimony without apologeticsMargaret Barker speaks on the advantages and calling of an independent scholarMark looks at the differences in the Christmas stories between Luke and MattLarry dismisses the idea of a secretive early ChristianityLoren examines the scholarly subject of assholes
enjoy! and let me know what you think. :-)