Friday, April 7, 2017

The Problem with Atheists

Randal Rauser blogs:

The problem, ironically enough, is that when you brand the in-group as “Reason” and align the out-group (e.g. the “religious”) with irrationality, you undermine the ability of your in-group to develop the very skills of critical thinking necessary for the exercise of reason.
I know lots of wonderful atheists who are intelligent and open to other ideas and points of view, I aspire to be like them in that regard. But Rauser pretty much sums up my recent accidental encounter with the evangelical atheist wing of twitter. As Rauser observes, fundamentalist Christians and evangelical atheists suffer from basically the same disease. They are just two sides of the same ignorant coin. So convinced they know it all and focussed on winning an argument, they don't know how to listen to what is actually being said.

Worth reading the whole thing.