About ξἐνος

Haere Mai (welcome)

This blog is the work of Jonathan Robinson, a former resident alien in New Zealand (now a naturalised citizen). Its title ξἐνος (xenos) is an ancient Greek word used in the Bible to describe a resident alien. 'Resident alien' also functions as a good metaphor for being a follower of Jesus in the world (e.g. Hebrews 11:13).

This blog is a work in progress, written by a work in progress. It's where I "think out loud" about the Bible, church, society, books and related stuff. Everything herein is provisional and intended in humility. Please leave a comment, I value your thoughts.

I'm a New Zealand Baptist pastor and recently completed a PhD in New Testament at Otago University, NZ. I have published research in various places and teach the occasional course as an adjunct at a couple of institutions in NZ. The views expressed in this blog are my own and do not (necessarily) reflect or represent any organisation I am or have been a part of.

If you need to you can contact me by email

Thanks for reading,
Manaaki Atua (God bless) :-)

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