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Current Research

At present I am studying towards a PhD at Otago University, with the provisional title of:

An Intertextual Assessment of Christology in the Markan Miracles

My supervisors are Prof Paul Trebilco & Dr James Harding. I should be finished early 2020, or at least that is when the money runs out!

Forthcoming publications (accepted but not yet published)

“The Argument against Slogans in 1 Cor 6:12-20” in Journal for the Study of Paul and his Letters

“‘To see your face is like seeing the face of God’: Pastoral and Systemic Reflections on Forgiveness and Theosis in the Jacob Story,” in The Art of Forgiveness, Phil Halstead & Myk Habets (eds), Lexington Books/Fortress Academic

Publications in Progress (submitted but not yet accepted)

"Jonah's Gourd and Mark's Gethsemane: A Study in Messianic Allegorical Exegesis," in TBC

“The Significance of Psalm 89:25 for Markan Christology: A Reply to Kirk and Young,” in TBC

Forthcoming papers 

"Does Mark's Gospel have an Ecclesiology?" to be presented at The Gospels and the Church: An Academic Symposium, Alpha Crucis, Auckland, 7-8th December

"'And he was with the beasts,' (Mark 1:13): Ambiguity, Interpretation and Mark as a Jewish Author" to be presented at ANZABS, St John's College, Auckland, 6-7th December 2018

Papers/Seminars presented

"Power and Hospitality in Mark 4:35-8:21: A Derridean Reading," presented at Whakawhiti Korero, Laidlaw College, Auckland, 1st October 2018

"Jesus the Giant Slayer: The Assumption of Enochic Demonic Aetiology in Mark 5:1-20," presented at British New Testament Society Conference, St Mary's University, Twickenham, 7th September 2018

“Exalted Humanity or Divine Identity?: Field notes from a Christological Duck Hunt," presented at University of Otago Department of Theology Research Seminar, 3rd August 2018

“Jonah’s Gourd and Mark’s Gethsemane,” presented at ANZABS, Dunedin, 5th December 2017

“Making Disciples by Performing Miracles: The Pedagogy of Jesus’ Works of Power in the Gospel of Mark,” presented at Bishopsdale School of Theology Conference, 7th October 2017

“Jesus the Giant Slayer: 1 Sam 16-18 and Mark 5:1-20,” presented at University of Otago Department of Theology Research Seminar, 25th August 2017

“‘To see your face is like seeing the face of God’: Pastoral and Systemic Reflections on Forgiveness and Theosis in the Jacob Story,” presented at The Art of Forgiveness Conference, Carey Baptist College, 6th to 8th August 2015.

“Mystic or Sarcastic? Visions and Revelations in 2 Corinthians 12:1-10.” presented at ANZABS, Laidlaw College, 10-11 November 2012.

“Paul’s Unconventional Sexual Ethic” presented at Colloquium on Theological Interpretation, Laidlaw College, Auckland, New Zealand, 19-20 August 2011.


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ANZABS 2018 program and abstracts

6-7 December, 2018

Venue: Wesley Hall, Trinity Methodist College,

202A St Johns Rd, Meadowbank, Auckland 1072

Thursday 6 December
10.00-10.10 – mihi
10.10-11.00 – Keynote speaker: Robert Myles – Fishing for Eyewitnesses in the Fourth Gospel
11.00-11.30 – Morning tea
11.30-12.00 – Lyndon Drake – Economic Capital in the Hebrew Bible
12.00-12.30 – Anne Aalbers – Resurrection and Celibacy: Two Sides of the Same Coin?
12.30-1.00 – Jonathan Robinson – "And he was with the beasts," (Mark 1:13): Ambiguity,
Interpretation and Mark as a Jewish Author
1.00-2.00 – Lunch
2.00-2.30 – Ben Hudson – Ethical Exhortation and the Decalogue in Ephesians
2.30-3.00 – Csilla Saysell – The Servant as 'a covenant of/for people' in Deutero-Isaiah
3.00-3.30 – Afternoon tea
3.30-4.00 – Jacqueline Lloyd – Did Jesus minister in Gaulanitis?
4.00-4.30 – Mark Keown – Jesus as the New Joshua
4.30 – AGM
Friday 7 December
9.30-10.00 – Ben Ong – Pākehā Readin…

Updated Current Research and Book Reviews

So, my PhD must be going well because I have just spent the morning updating my blog pages for Current Research and brand spanking new Book Reviews page. But it is not just procrastination, it is good to stop and and get an overview.

I had totally forgotten about half the book reviews I had done on this blog, they go back to 2009! I am still working on writing the sort of reviews I really enjoy reading, but now that I'm regularly doing reviews for journals it is great to also review books on this blog where I have stylistic freedom and no space limitations. I had always hoped this blog would be a good source of free books, but while it was a source of free books they were not good ones. Reviewing for journals (as a PhD student) has been much better and is helping me keep my broader education going even as I delve deep into my PhD subject. Looking at my old book reviews helps me realise how far I have come. Hopefully, much growth as a blogger, scholar and human being (perhaps not i…

How to use Google Docs and Translate to make a Quick Rough Translation of a Modern Language Document (for FREE)

We all know that there is no substitute for knowing the language and that Google translate can make amusing mistakes. However, the ability to quickly make rough translations saves a great deal of time and also allows you to (carefully) engage in language literature that doesn't come up frequently enough to be worth learning, but has that one article you really want to read.

1. Make a good quality PDF scan of the document with one page per scan. (this may mean twice the number of scan pages, but it will save you time in the long run, trust me) I use a piece of paper to blank the page I don't want to copy in each scan. Ensure the scans are straight and all on the same orientation.

2. Save the resulting PDF in Google Drive.

3. Right click on the PDF in Google Drive and [open with] [Google Docs]. This will open a new window in your browser and will take some time - now is a good time to recite some verb conjugations. This is because Google's OCR is turning the scan into text b…