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The Best Blog on Wilson, GC and all that jazz

Jonathan Martin, apart from having a cool first name, writes really interesting stuff. Annoyingly he is stuck in web 1.0 and so one finds oneself unable to comment on his otherwise marvelous blogging. Oh well, maybe he is just too good looking for comments, maybe he needs no comments,

anyway, he is absolutely right about the incredible irrelevance of the storm-in-a-teacup that a certain  misogynistic collection of Calvinists drum up with their constant blogging. no one really cares, they are all just fighting over the same piece of slowly shrinking pie, flavoured raspberry and belligerence. So read it for yourself.

PS Kiwis looking for a post on the other GC will be disappointed, but not much.

Doorways to Demonic Possesion

While I am very grateful to the huffpo for helping propagate this important teaching, I do feel some things are missing from this list,

not least

Reality TVCooking showsDIYCCMMichael BoltonShania TwainSquare DancingBloggingChihuahuas if, like me you are wondering what "trilateralism" is, don't worry, it is nothing sexual, it is simply "The political and economic policy of encouraging friendly relations among three nations or regions, especially the United States, Western Europe, and Japan, or North America, Europe, and the Pacific Rim." Thanks online dictionary.

Also I think the Twilight films are probably so bad that they would drive even the worst demons away.

OTOH don't think I take evil forces lightly, but I tend to side with the half baked reformer Luther on this one:
Luther loved mocking the devil. He is known for it. Here is one of his most awesome quotes, “ Tell the devil he may kiss my ass.” Or this gem quoted at the beginning of the Screwtape L…

New Abomination to Hit Stores!

Zondervan are really on a roll these days, if the insolence and idolatry of the playful puppies Bible wasn't enough for you you can now buy a Bible adorned with the (literal) graven images of the false gods and prophets of the "American Way." Zondervan, because without blasphemous bits added the Bible just doesn't sell well enough for us. 

Team Tower Challenge

This is a team building/leadership exercise or game with a point (and as many twists as you like). But you don't have to do it for the point it is fun in itself. Also there'll be other points you could make out of it. I ran this last night for three teams of 4-5 and had screens up so that they couldn't see what the other teams were doing. It was lots of fun (and this was a group of adults not kids),

The Uniqueness of the Cross of Jesus

As a 'blasphemer', Jesus was rejected by the guardians of his people's law. As a 'rebel' he was crucified by the Romans. But finally, and most profoundly, he died as one rejected by his God and Father. In the theological context of his life this is the most important dimension. It is this alone which distinguishes the cross from the many crosses of forgotten and nameless persons in world history.
Jurgen Moltmann, The Crucified God (Fortress 1974/1993), p152

Do you really know what a world view is?

I am reading my second Leslie Newbigin book, The Gospel in a Pluralist Society (1989). Reading Newbigin is everytime like a conversion experience, like having bandages taken off your eyes. I have heard a lot of talk about "Christian World View" both in college and in the wider Christian world, but the problem is that what is most often meant by this phrase is having a set of magic spectacles that allow you to come up with the correct Christian answer on a contemporary issue. So for many a Christian World View is simply really a case of having the "correct" Christian opinions on various subjects. E.g. in a Christian World View abortion, homosexuality, marijuana, etc are wrong. Of course if you already have a list of right and wrong opinions there is not much need to develop a world view because that world view is just an end to being right about stuff, and if you already know you are right, what's the point?

But as I'm reading the Newbigin book I am realisin…

brick-a-brack 040712: Can of Whoop Ass Edition

Well bloggers all over the internet have been handing out some juicy cans of you know what . . . just don't look if you are squeamish.

Larry Hurtado tackles those who don't get their Christology early or high enoughJames McGrath exposes Mythicist lies Thom Stark debunks the mythical Richard CarrierJoel Hoffman ninja kicks Richard Dawkins on an ethical point Steve Douglas deals a mortal blow to those who shave with Occam's RazorTim Kreider picks on busy peopleRowan Williams wrings an apology (sort of) out of the Observer