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Strange Book the Bible

An impression gradually emerged that when all is said and done, many of the arguments and reconstructions are interesting, but in order to understand what the Jesus of history was all about we ultimately have to step back and try to grapple with the gist of the accounts, to find the impressions Jesus left on his followers and try to recover why they got those impressions. If we waste our time like some (but not all) text critics have done, pulling each phrase out of context and stitching them all back together like some kidnapper’s ransom note, we’ll never reach the more interesting and, arguably, more attainable goal of seeing the bigger picture. - See more at:
An impression gradually emerged that when all is said and done, many of the arguments and…

Dealing with spam comments

Over the last few months I have had a veritable torrent of spam comments, 10s a day and as my blogging time is rather limited these days that meant I often had a big heap in my inbox. For a while google was doing a good job moving them to spam automatically but this month it stopped and all the spam just came landed in a soggy heap on my blog. I don't like to moderate comments as it means I hold up conversations if I am not checking the blog regularly and those silly type the word and prove you are not a computer boxes are a pain in the arse so I didn't want to inflict those on you. However by disallowing anonymous comments I seem to have stopped the spam dead in its tracks without inflicting unnecessary annoyance to genuine commentors. You are welcome . . . just call me sheriff JR.

The only downside is that those genuine comments (often in defense of Charles Stanley's preaching) that are anonymous are no longer permitted. Which is a shame, because I love baiting people wi…

Ministry Beards

Don't know who made this, but it is very good and nearly comprehensive, although my own facial folical configuration is missing, answers on a postcard or in the comments please. Click to embiggen.