Thursday, December 4, 2008

Jazz, Art, and Theology: Some links for a rainy day

If you have things to do today, don't do it. But if you are bored and want to read some really imaginative but practical theology try these, from .

Jazz and the Mode of Hopeful Transgression

The art of being church

If anyone wanted to write a response to one of those articles i would love to put it up on the blog.

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  1. White ('Jazz and ... Transgression'). Mentions Nietzsche's progeny a little too dismissively. Here's one of N's progeny - Georges Bataille - on the necessary link between humanity, prohibition and transgression. Some sense in it...

    "As soon as I contrast humanity with animality I must take into consideration at the same time the [...] hybrid effects that ultimately result from it. Not only does the return to animality that we perceive in sovereignty – and in eroticism – differ radically from the animal starting point (transgression is not the absence of limits), but it goes into the composition of the world to which it is opposed. The human world is finally but a hybrid of transgression and prohibition, so that the word human always denotes a system of contradictory impulses […]" (The Accursed Share, Zone Books, 1993, p. 342).