Monday, April 27, 2009

How to pray when you are on reality TV

I was watching The Amazing Race last night and was reminded of a thought I often have when watching American reality TV (which I try not to do too much, but I am only human). Here's the thing, it really really bugs me when people in a competition pray for God's help to win, or even just not to lose. It is just plain ridiculous, and if God did help you it would be cheating.
Here is how you should pray:

Heavenly Father,
Your name is holy help me not to profane it or take it in vain today
You kingdom is coming, help me not to do anything on TV that will hinder that
Your will be done, so I recognise that may or may not include me winning this competition
Thank you for giving me not only my daily bread but the extreme luxury of being on reality TV and doing wasteful and pointless activities for the entertainment of the privileged few
Lead me out of temptation, but when the opportunity does arise (as after all I know it will.. this is what reality TV is all about) help me not to do anything really stupid that I will regret later
And deliver me from the manifest evil of treating the people I meet and interact with as mere pawns in my game, help me to remember these people live here and I am their guest and that I am commanded to love my neighbour as myself
For yours is the kingdom, the power and the glory and may mine be the sense of perspective I should get from praying that


  1. As ever, wise words JR. Have you seen Charlie Brooker's TV series 'Dead Set'? Zombies loose in the Big Brother House (complete with Davina eating entrails). I think it implies many of the sentiments you express ... through the medium of carnage.

  2. Hi Steve, thanks for that, sadly I have not seen the rather fantastic sounding 'Dead Set' it hasn't made its way to NZ yet. It sounds like compelling viewing.