Monday, May 11, 2009

Is theology just for academics?

Well you already know the answer, but this is a good quote anyhoo:

"Theology is the practice of all Christian people growing in their knowledge of God amidst their various life activities and church practices. The academic discipline of theology is not entirely separate from, or more important than, ordinary Christian growth in biblical discernment. Rather, professional theologians ought to pursue the same practices as lay Christians but with different intensities of inquiry, amounts of time, and levels of expertise."

[Daniel J. Treier, Introducing Theological Interpretation of Scripture: Recovering a Christian Practice, pp188–89]


  1. Theology is an entirely superficial exercise in left-brained thinking which by its very nature cannot penetrate, and therefore really change, any human being at the depth level of their emotional-sexual patterning.

    Such emotional-sexual patterning is what governs and motivates everything that you do-- all of the time.

    Therefore theology is more or less useless.

    Put in another way it is all a superficial brain generated language game with the word God being just another word/symbol/object in a language created "universe". To pursue religious truth by the effort to create a whole theology is really to create a self-protective circle around oneself. For the "I" is the "God" of language. I create the universe of thought, and thus "God" is never more than one of many fascinating things within this "universe".

    By contrast God as Reality and Truth is the integrity of all things, even of myself in their Indivisible UnitY

  2. Hello again! I dont really see how your comments relate to my post. And neither am I convinced that you are entirely rational. But thanks for commenting anyway. Next time leave a name!