Friday, July 24, 2009

What makes a good sermon

I was at a discussion the other day as to what makes a good sermon, and was not very impressed by the conclusions that most people seemed to have come to. So thought I would try and formulate my own list. please add your own in the comments...

  • Christ centred
  • Coming out of the study of Scripture and prayer
  • Connecting firmly with the listener's world
  • Content first, then personality
  • Uncluttered and to the point
  • Devoid of pop psychology or meaningless spiritual sounding phrases

That would be my list. but I suppose a lot hinges on what you want a semon to do. I found that by expecting a sermon to be primarily educational rather than therapeutic I was in a minority. It is not that I dont believe sermons can and should be therapeutic, I just dont believe that expecting every sermon every week to be transformational for everyone is realistic or desirable. But for every week the congregation to be reminded of the truth of Christ, the testimony of scripture, and challenged to adjust their world view from that of the surrounding culture to that of the biblical narrative is both desirable and manifestly possible.

Let me know what you think :-)

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