Wednesday, September 2, 2009

History as the organising principle of your high school education?

Interesting: Using history as THE organising principle for a school curriculum? I think you'd get sick of Egypt by the end of the year, and will the school sports have to be done naked when you are studying the Greek era?

Incorrect: To extrapolate from the fact that Christ was born in the Roman Empire that God has uniquely picked western civilisation as the place to reveal his plan and save his people.

Disturbing and Incorrect: The dual assumption that the home of Christianity is western civilisation and that America is itself the zenith of western civilisation.

Final question: Why with such a cool name, not have wagon making as the organising principle of a school curriculum? By 6th grade every kid could have made their own wagon!

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  1. This is just downright freaky! How can someone just arbitrarily choose to base their entire school curriculum around a selfish desire to prove that they're the best... isn't that how Nazism started?!