Monday, November 30, 2009

Slaying Sacred Cows

A few sacred cows are in the firing line at the moment :-)

Greg Boyd is working on a new book reconciling "the violent God of the O.T. with the crucified God of the new." He helpfully lists his six principles which he will expound in the book. He has some really interesting ideas there. Boyd is also one of the more vocal Open Theism proponents, he provides an article arguing that the "two driving motivations that led early Christians to assume God knows the future exhaustively as a realm of definite facts (rather than partly as a domain of possibilities) derive from pre-Christian pagan philosophy." I'm looking forward to reading it sometime.

On the other hand Steve of Undeception appears to be going to town on Gen 1-11 posting on Gen 1 and on the Fall. I hadn't been to his blog in ages but he seems to be going off on one regarding inerrancy, etc. Can't help but feel he is ploughing some tired old ground, but good on him for trying.

And this one is old, but I came across it recently, let me just warn you, it could ruin your enjoyment of the Lord of the Rings films forever . . . but you should still read it.


  1. Tired old ground it is. But it must be plowed every once in a while for new crops. ;)

    I rehash a lot of old stuff (sometimes in new ways) in order to bring along latecomers. I always hate feeling like I can't "get in on" a discussion of a certain topic because everyone was so far ahead of me. KnowwhatImean?

    Anyway, thanks for visiting and for the mention.

  2. Hey Steve, thanks for dropping by. I was being sincere, I wish you an abundant harvest!

    (the triedness comes from a sense of banging one's head against a brick wall :-) I mean the Chicago statement on innerancy has got to be one of the most meaningless statements every penned yet we all must swear allegiance to it it be condemned as heretics... go figure!)