Thursday, December 10, 2009


One day I'll get round to this one, but until then here is a post on the subject from Tim Keller, here is a response to it from the fundaMentalist Pyromaniacs, and here is a totally different approach to the subject. Personally I think most peole when they read or talk about Hell are working with a concept that has been defined more by medieval superstition (and popular culture) than biblical research, so you might be able to guess which of the above approaches I tend to lean towards (but maybe not, I like to keep you in suspense). But more to come later . . .

[Edit. Sorry, I wrongly assumed that the Pyro's were discussing the Tim Keller article on Hell I had read, but they weren't it was this one. Same guy but different article. Thanks Glenn!]


  1. I created a three part podcast series on this (part one is here).

    One thing though - If you wish to persuade people who hold a more traditional view on this subject, it's probably best not to write them off as "fundaMentalists." You might become surprised at how many are actually willing to listen to a challenge.

  2. One other thing - the Tim Keller that you linked to here is not the Tim keller article that Pyromaniacs are responding to. Check their link to Tim's article.

  3. I should have previewed before posting! I meant that "the Tim Keller article that you linked to here is not the Tim Keller article that Pyromaniacs are responding to."

  4. I'm trying to work out if Jon's being ironic about the FundaMentalists bit. It sounds like the kind of thing the Pyro's would call themselves in jest.

    Of course, the Pyros hold to the good old truths of the Reformation, on the whole. Not sure they'd fit in that well with a fundamentalist gathering.

  5. Come on now... perhaps Pyro's doesn't line up completely with the historical definition of fundamentalist (being Reformed and all), but they absolutely fit the modern understanding of fundamentalist, in that they enthusiastically and regularly place themselves at the far conservative end of the culture wars. Just read their recent posts on gambling or the Manhattan Declaration if you want proof of that.

  6. Glenn, thaks for that, see edit. Seriously, where have you been all my life? How much would you charge to proof read my masters thesis? :-) I look forward to checking out the cast when I get a moment.

    Glenn, Phil, Rhett: As for the Pyro's, they are frequently very funny, but I'm not convinced that they are open to persuasion. Notwithstanding, I maintain that my finger slipped and no offence was intended, guvna!