Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The word of God: Quote of the day

I am slowly getting into Darrell Johnson's The Glory of Preaching which received rave reviews from Paul.  I am still not sure about it but I liked this,
The word of God not only informs, it performs, it transforms.  The word of God makes things happen. (p25)
He probably didn't intend it this way but I think that nicely covers all three types of religious discourse suggested by Linbeck's typology, in pretty much the same order.  So preaching is able to work on the levels of cognitive proposition, the affective experiential, and shape culturally the listening community.  The interesting question is which of these do you think gets priority in your own, or your own church's, practice of preaching?  Should we aim for a balance, or is one to be priviledged over the others?

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  1. Gosh, if you struggle to blog (as per last blog), I struggle to even keep up with the reading of them.

    It's good to have finally caught up, and there have been some very interesting discussions over the past couple of weeks. I've had a great time reading them.

    I like the way that you tied this quote in to the typology blog - I noticed the same thing myself.

    I think that we do need to aim for a balance between all three; however, it needn't be an equal balance. I think that more weight should go on the transformational aspect.