Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Next Step, Peer Reviewed Blogs?

Just got excited when I saw, for the first time, the word "blogosphere" used in an academic article. See,

W. Rodman MacIlvaine III, "What is the Missional Church Movement?"  Bibliotheca Sacra 167, 2010, pp89-106. p90

Anyone know of any earlier references?


  1. PS the contents list of the issue is here http://colloquiumjournal.org/back-issues/Coll37.2/index.htm

  2. oops, I don't know where my earlier comment that was a PS to went...

    Although the 37/2 2005 Issue of Colloquium devoted to Virtual Theology probably does not make much use of the word "blogsphere" there is at least one use in my article citing Laura Gurak, Smiljana Antonijevic, Laurie Johnson, Clancy Ratliff and Jessica Reyman (eds) Into the Blogsphere http://blog.lib.umn.edu/blogosphere/ downloaded 27 Jan 05. But what's so special about the word "blogsphere" befgore that we often called it "Blogaria" etc...