Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Two Challenges

Just when I was getting worried that blogging was getting boring I come across two posts that threaten to destabilize the whole world.  How wonderful! 

James looks at the message of Christ from a sci-fi perspective.

And Bruce breaks up with his boyfriend and discovers a victim instead. [HT Ben]

Let me know what you think, better yet, let them know. :-)


  1. The Sci-Fi one is very similar to a story that I composed when I was younger. I still believe that "intelligent" aliens must exist, and if so, God wants them to be saved also.

    The "relationship with Jesus" one is also very interesting; however, I'm not sure that I agree with the "divine victim" idea. I really don't think that God would ever think of Christ as a victim.


  2. Yes, I agree that bruce was stronger on the critique than on the construction, the langauge he used was a little peculiar. might also depend on what you understand being a divine victim to entail (i.e. was Jesus victimised by God, or was he divine and becoame a victim?) and whether one can offer oneself to be a victim, or if that offering negates theh status of victim. doesn't the act of sacrifice always entail a victim that will be sacrificed?