Monday, March 8, 2010

Waihopai Three finally go to trial

Adrian Leason has featured on this blog before and I though it worth sharing for those outside NZ that this week he and his two co-conspirators have gone to trial, covered in woefully little detail by TVNZ and NewsTalkZB, they've got to be feeling pretty lonely at the moment as they face imprisonment and removal from their families and communities for what was a act of solidarity.  But they are not without supporters.  One of the big problems they have faced, is that unlike when some Kiwis stood up to the USA when they wanted to bring their nuclear subs into our ports, they have failed to gain popular support because most Kiwis think they are dead wrong about those innocent looking satelite dishes.  But Adrian and his cronies are dead right and the government doesn't want us to know it, interesting how the media is leaving that vital fact out of its reports.

Also just found this interview with Peter Murnane, the catholic priest who was also involved. Worth a read.

[This is not an offical ploughshares press release, only my own personal take.  See their website for the official word.]

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