Monday, May 3, 2010

Colloquium on Spiritual Complaint


theology and practice of lament

Call for papers:
This colloquium (sponsored by the Laidlaw-Carey Graduate School in Auckland, New Zealand) will explore cultural and theological implications of texts and practices of lament and/or complaint. Potential papers, should address complaint/lament with a focus on spiritual/theological dimensions so might include:
  • readings of biblical or other complaint or lament literature (Psalms, Job, Lamentations etc)
  • studies of historical or contemporary lament songs
  • pastoral perspectives on the contemporary practice of lament
  • theological reflections
  • cross cultural perspectives on lament practices
  • post Holocaust reflections
  • contemporary political reflections
The colloquium will take place in Auckland, NZ, on 10th-11th February 2011 (this is summertime in NZ but after the peak season), with a view to publishing a book with the same title in 2011 (draft papers will be circulated among participants in 2010 and final form submitted a month after the colloquium).
Please send abstracts or enquiries to:
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