Friday, May 14, 2010

The research skills that they don't teach you

Find important books on the online library catalogue.  Check availability.  Walk to the library clutching a piece of paper with the dewey decimal codes on.  Go to the shelf.  Locate place where books should be.  Go to computer in the library to double check availability.  Check librarians' trolley to see if books have been recently returned.  Spend ten minutes searching the surrounding shelves in case they have been put back in the wrong place.  Go to librarian.  Receive and endure tirade about post-grad students stockpiling books.  Go to post grad study carrells.  Locate those doing study on Paul.  Locate missing books.  Take missing books from desk.  Don't leave note, they've aready wasted enough of your time.  Take to check out.  Borrow books.  Relieve tension through social media.
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  1. Glad I'm no longer a post grad student - and definitely glad I didn't do anything related to Paul :0

    No Jonathan its time to confess - you found those books in YOUR old study carrel didnt you lol

  2. :-)
    Siong just cleaned out Anthony's desk, she was hopping mad, she found his hoard of Scottish Journal of Theology journals. He should probably never show his face again.