Friday, July 23, 2010

New Blog Buttons

[UPDATE 300710 - Buttons now removed due to public apathy! :-)]

OK, I know a lot of you don't like to comment, because you are too shy, but I crave your feedback, so there are now buttons at the bottom of each post with which you can grade my work ANONYMOUSLY.  How cool is that? 

Your choices are
  1. A Pile of Pants: These are Southern English pants, not trousers, but underwear, smelly, vile, worn inside and out, rotten grundies.  This is for when you wish I hadn't wasted my time and yours with a post.
  2. The Cat's Pyjamas: Cat's are stupid but pajamas are nice, so this is for those who are feeling ambivalent about a post.
  3. The Goat's Groats: Groats are real money and Goats are real good eating, so you press this one if you like the post.
BTW I welcome suggestions for other categories, but you would have to comment to do that . . . sorry :-s
Of course, comments are anonymous too if you want them to be.


  1. While I can see some circumstances where anonymity in commenting might be desirable or even necessary, I can see no excuse for anonymous grading - make people sign their grungy underpants or goaty pyjamas, I say!

  2. i've got a feeling i'm on a hiding into nothing anyway, i don't expect the buttons will last for long. :-s (probably a good thing)