Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bart Simpson Swears on the Bible

Conversation in the staff room at lunch today reminded me of a certain Simpsons episode where Bart and Milhouse go through the Bible (KJV) to find swear words that they can use with impunity (because they are in the Bible).  The list they come up with has five words:
  • Hell
  • Dumb
  • Ass
  • Whore
  • Leviticus
The scene is really funny, especially when Bart and Milhouse argue over the status of Leviticus as a "swear," unfortunately I couldn't find a video of it, only this sound clip.  Does anyone know if there is a clip of this anywhere, or will i have to buy the box set?

So, what do you read the Bible to find?

[By the way, never google "dumb, ass, whore," there are some areas of interent land where only Interpol should go.  Thankfully no pictures were displayed!]


  1. Ya look a little sad and lonely without any comments. So, whilst I haven't seen this episode before, (being a fan of the 10-12 seasons), I do believe on several occasions, Bart came home from Church saying "hell" and such and being able to say them because the words were in the Bible.

  2. Thanks Doug, i feel heaps better now. :-) Welcome to Xenos.