Tuesday, August 3, 2010

More blogging goodies

ASBO Jesus is back!

Thinking about burnout, Paul Windsor draws warning from Chris Carter's behaviour, while Jim West points us to a helpful essay on the subject, unfortunately (for me) it is in German! Fortunately for you I will be blogging through a book on the subject in English shortly.

Richard Beck continues to blog about his civil rights tourism, this time going to Birmingham, Alabama.

And now is your chance to learn about the Mandeans, the followers of John the Baptist, in this beautiful photo essay. (HT McGrath)

Jason quotes Stringfellow on masturbation, that topic on which the church is so silent on, all sorts of silly myths spring up instead.  I'm not sure that Stringfellow is quite the answer, but really, when sexually stimilating images are the media wallpaper of our society this is a topic that needs addressing.  At least he makes a start.

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