Monday, August 23, 2010

Why is church so boring?

Honestly, how do we manage to turn the good news about God reconciling the world to himself in Jesus Christ into such a yawn fest?  And no, the answer is not more screens and louder bands and more wax in the pastor's hair.  The answer is to stop the "show."   Church is not about music, or a great preacher, or presentation, or the service.  Church is the people of God worshipping God in Spirit and in truth, as opposed to the people of God watching some dude on a stage. 


  1. ...sounds like not only a need for churches to stop providing a show, but also for church-goers (the language of church and church-goer is used in spite of me hating that kind of language) to stop expecting/'needing' a show!

  2. ...and hast thou changest thy blog theme? seems a bit cleaner/lighter - nice.

  3. just call them the church, you don't go to church you are the church.