Saturday, September 4, 2010

7.4 Earthquake Hits Christchurch, NZ

Thoughts and prayers go out to those in Christchurch who would have been rudely awakened last night by a massive earthquake and are now without power, water and sewerage.  Thankfully, it looks like noone is seriously hurt at this stage.  Civil defence have been reminding people to check on their neighbours' safety and well being.  Power should be back for most people today and water and sewerage in a few days.  Meanwhile tankers will be bringing water to collection points by the end of the day.

Just spare a thought for the victims of the smaller Haitian earthquake where hundreds of thousands are dead and the infrastructure is still not back.  It is the power of poverty, not the richter scale that determines how likely you are to die in an earthquake.

Meanwhile I await with trepidation the insane geological interpretations of NZ's resident religious nutters.


  1. Proportion: you've got in bucket-loads. Nice one Johann Sebastian. Thoughts with you and yours...

  2. Thanks Steve, we're fine, although somewhat reminded that we live on something of a volcano farm!