Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Carnival! - Call for posts.

September Biblical studies carnival is here, a good job done by Steven, check it out if you haven't already.  Sorry I am a bit behind on blogging because real life got in the way for a moment there! ;-)

Now is probably a good time to start the call for posts for the Octoberfest of Biblical Studies Carnivals being hosted by yours truly, either leave a comment here or me to suggest a post.  As well as the usual general categories I would love to hear from anyone writing/thinking in the region of sexual ethics and the Bible, pastoral ministry, and the religious experience of Jesus and Paul (or any other biblical character for that matter), oh yeah and postcolonial reading of scripture too.

Please share this around your blogs and let's all remember to play nice and not eat too much candy floss. 
Pax vobiscum.


  1. It's not very postcolonial (whatever that means) but here is my submission for Octoberfest:
    What Atheists Could Learn from Legal Interpretation 101.

  2. Jonathan, I nominate my summary of the Titus-Timothy hypothesis here.
    It was posted in September, and I was going to nominate it for September's carnival but that carnival came out before the end of the month (here on the Pacific coast).

  3. if i may be so bold- i think the excerpts from the forthcoming volume by maurice casey are very interesting (as is the entire book!). they can all be accessed at one link here-

    of course it's completely up to you whether or not you use it and if you dont i wont be mad.

  4. Two nominations:

    (1) -- An imagined essay evaluating Athanasius' "On the Incarnation" against the assumed normativity of Nyssa's "On Not Three God's."

    (2) -- A brief essay comparing and contrasting Athanasius' "On the Incarnation" with/against Origen's"Peri Archon."

    Thanks for your hard work!

  5. I would like to humbly offer my various posts on Genesis I realize there is a completely different discussion of Gen raging in the blogosphere. My focus is on the literary/theological level.

  6. thankyou all for your nominations, nominations now closed. carnival imminent.


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