Saturday, October 30, 2010

The problem with blogging . . .

 . . . is that it is sometimes impossible to tell if people are joking. Surely Jim is not as offended as he makes out, by two such gentle jabs, but how would we know?  Well perhaps if he hit them the only place bloggers really hurt, by removing them from his blogroll, but surely he wouldn't do that over one tinsy winsy post?  Really?

Here's my prescription for such a sense of humour shortage:


  1. He did post it under "sarcasm", which seems to have replaced "humor" which is where in his gentler kinder days when he was younger, and not a grumpy old man, he posted such remarks.

  2. yeah i'm not convinced, a "sarcastic" blog post is one thing, taking you off his blogroll suggests he is genuinely offended.