Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Education Must Change Or Die!

Well usually that is the catch cry for the Spong's of this world about Christianity, but i thought i would borrow it to catch your attention for this excellent presentation.  Another one of the RSA's brilliant and thought provoking animate videos.  Let me know what you think.  In particular, what effect might these ideas have on theological education for ministry, if we took them seriously?  And from my recent experience at Carey as student and faculty, i think we need to more and more.

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  1. Odd isn't it? A high proportion of teachers are middling to strong divergent thinkers, but we work in a system that devalues divergent thinking...

    The factory model is supposed to be "efficient" that's why lectures developed for example (one to many copying of information). Alternatives, like Oxbridge tutorials, are demanding of resources, like teacher hours.

    To approach the issue (somewhat) divergently ;) I notice he stressed learning in groups, why not set learning tasks to groups of students, and then offer teachers as resources whenh they get stuck... or to nudge as necessary...