Monday, November 8, 2010

How To Leave An Answerphone Message

When you leave a message on someone's phone, be sure to:
  1. Speak slowly and clearly
  2. Say your name slowly and clearly
  3. Explain what you are ringing about
  4. Give your phone number slowly and clearly, perhaps even twice if you find it difficult to slow down.
I'm sure it is not so difficult.


  1. Ah. I assume that someone left you a three and a half minute message and then lefttheirphonenumberreallyquicklyattheendofthemessage.

    So you have to listen to the entire long message three, four, or even five times. Painstakingly deciphering one or two numbers at a time?

  2. Actually it seems to be a NZ cultural thing that people mumble their names almost indecipherably as if they are embarrased to be calling you or something. Funnily enough in this multicultural land it is the Pakeha (European) Kiwis who are the worst at it. Sometimes blogs are good for a vent!