Monday, February 21, 2011

Tamaki, Cultwatch and the Herald

Once again Brian Tamaki, New Zealand's highest profile and possible richest church leader is in the news.  This time it is a Herald editorial, blasting Cultwatch for categorising Brian Tamaki as a cultist because he has denied the bodily resurrection of Christ.  The writer of the editorial appears to be under the impression that this then places Tamaki in the same camp as Lloyd Geering and other liberalising theologians in their rejection of orthodox Christian doctrine in the name of embracing the fruits of secular modernity.  Said editor displays a complete failure to grasp that this is not "Bishop" Tamaki bowing to the reason of the modern age but his out of control ego propelling him to reinvent Christianity in a way that serves his own ends more efficiently.  I would, however, agree with the nameless Herald editor that Cultwatch has been a bit slow on this one, it is not doctinal unorthodoxy that makes a cult but the systematic manipulation of the vulnerable.  True followers of Jesus are good news for the poor, they don't use the poor to bankroll their next pruchase of a Lexus.  If a pastor has a personalised number plate it should read "here to serve," Tamaki's betrays his true heart:

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  1. Outrageous!!! Only a fundamentalist couldn't see the difference between Geering and that moron. Only a fundamentalist would put them in the same sentence. I have never been religious, or believed in God or anything but I have studied religions (and cults) and my thesis is earliest Christianity ... is this serious? a NZ Herald (right wing trash) editorial? Tamaki - liberal theologian - Lloyd Geering???? How dare he/she. Bloody hell - apart from knowing him from Vic, I did research on Lloyd's heresy case for a book (and DD) by Veitch, and this just makes me sick knowing what Lloyd went through. Sir Lloyd George Geering, ONZ, GNZM, CBE DD was knighted by her royal highness and dipstick Tamaki crowned himself a stupid bishop. Next he'll call himself Pope. Not that being a Pope has ever had alot of credibility...

    steph fisher