Monday, May 4, 2009

It's enough to make you puke (again)

Need another reason to thank God you weren't born an American or a Dog?

(Sorry all my wondeful American friends, but really as a tribe you have so much to answer for... like nearly as much as the British!! ;-), you are a young nation, I'm sure you will grow out of it.)

But really this does raise once again the whole issue of study Bibles, green Bibles, and Dude-Pimp-My-Bible! Bibles...

Personally the only thing I want in my Bible is really great crossreferences which make up for the fact that I havent yet memorised the entire scriptures in Hebrew and Greek because I'm so lazy.


  1. Hi Jonathon is there a translation you prefer for study and is it the same as you would use for personal reading?

  2. All translations have their weaknesses, it is best to work with a few, preferably ones that take a slightly different approach. I like the NRSV and the NIV for different reasons, but will often refer to a NASV or ESV for a more literal reading. The Good News is often good to preach from because the language is so simple, but it does sometimes lead to over simplification. There is no substitute at the end of the day for getting into the original languages, and these days any one can do it, check out for an excellent user friendly way to get into NT Greek. DO NOT use Strongs on E-Sword it is out of date and inaccurate!