Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Some Random Student on Hermeneutics: Quote of the Day

A young female student just walked past my door, coming out of a "Introduction to the Bible" lecture, she said to her friend,
It is so much better looking at it as a letter rather than just taking little chunks out of it,
Hearing her say that just warmed my heart.  Congratulations to her (i'm afraid i didn't recognise the voice) for taking an important step in discovering the riches of God's word when it is allowed to be what it is and not turned into a collection of "thoughts for the day."  And congratulations to George who was taking the class and is helping about 50 students make these crucial initial steps towards mature and informed biblical interpretation.

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  1. I am told your joy is shared. For there is much joy in heaven over each one who was lost, but is now found!