Wednesday, January 12, 2011

brick-a-brack 12/01/11

  • Think you are being persecuted? (From Alex)

  • This is more than a little whimsical, which of course makes it true art.  HT Doug Chaplin

  • And finally, thanks to Calum for sharing this but not sharing that,


  1. I think the "baptist preacher" likes the word "piss" a little too much. Oh well, fun with the KJV. I remember when I had one of my teenagers reading from Proverbs 12:12 in the NASB - "the wicked desire the booty of evil men" and the whole place cracked up... only then did I point out that it was no a prohibition against homosexuality, but the word booty meant spoils of war/ or cheating.

  2. Hah! Love it, i'll have to look out for more booty verses. Yes language is an ever changing stream in which all manner of misunderstanding can arise, especially now that new words get generated with every passing fad. but if it is in the KJV you are allowed to say it, even a word as rude as Levitic*s! ;-)


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