Friday, May 4, 2012

Carnival still alive and well

Well the good news is that even though the biblioblogger top 50 and the carnival have gone their seperate ways that as far as I can tell the carnival is still very healthy. There was a notable increase on submissions to the carnival compared to the other occassion I did it and on the day of its launch it garnered a mean 500 hits (mean for my little blog anyway). What is interesting to me is how few of the biblioblog top 50 blogs had anything to contribute to the carnival. While Jim Linville has taken a decidedly minimalist approach to the carnival, it seems to have enough momentum of its own to be managing quite nicely. Having enjoyed this most recent experience I have decided to play my part and put a page up linking to the carnival wherever it appears and over time linking to any previous carnivals I can find. They are a lot of work but they are a good way for your blog to get some exposure and also to help other blogs find new readers, plus there is always some fun to be had.

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