Tuesday, August 28, 2012

brick-a-brack 280812: Footprints Edition

  • Many of you will have seen truncated versions of these cartoons floating around facebook, well Xenos brings you the full versions so that you do not miss out, and because you were too lazy to search chainsawsuit.com for them yourself!

footprints in the sand, part 1

  • Also Carl Trueman accurately critiques those belligerent complementarians over at the GC, (and he is a complementarian). (HT Marc)

footprints in the sand, part 2

  • Check out David Instone Brewer's visual sermon resource, this is a very generous sharing of his labours, as anyone who has done it knows, good pictures are the most time consuming things to find for sermons. (HT Tim)
footprints in the sand, part 3

  • NZ Baptist Research and Historical Society have started a recordings page of talks from their dinners, Brain Smith gives a very helpful introduction to Baptist Ecclesiology inpsired by McClendon and Hauerwas. 
  • And finally for those who  enjoy making arguments from silence, try this one for size, although as a Toyota driver I find it very offensive:


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