Thursday, August 23, 2012

Legal Philosophy

Legal Philosophy

Congratulations to my old friend and one-time musical co-conspirator Stephen Riley, Senior Lecturer of Law at University of Sheffield on the publication of his book, Legal Philosophy.

You can buy from the publisher, amazon, and the book depository.

From the publisher,
Legal Philosophy,offers an accessible introduction to the most important themes shared by law and philosophy. It examines the key concepts that characterise what law tries, or ought to try to do, providing analysis of what leading thinkers and theorists from varying, often conflicting, schools of thought have contributed to our understanding of them. It examines concepts central to law, such as “person,” “good,” “right,” “rules,” and “justice” and, by taking this approach, aims to develop your students’ skills around questioning and reasoning.

Stephen Riley
Be sure to check it out if that sort of thing would tickle your fancy.

Nice one Steve! :-)


  1. Many thanks for the Big-Up Johann Sebastian Robinson! Note the cover was modelled on your Blog Profile picture: who better to represent a flexible, yet rigorous, thinker of thoughts? Cheers, Steve

  2. Hehe, you and your flattery are most welcome.