Monday, April 30, 2012

Final Call for Posts!

Please tell your wife and sweet family (and other internet users) that this is now the final call for the April Biblical studies carnival. believe me when I say if you, your dog, and your blog miss out on this you will rue it, and then some. This is the carnival of which in times to come the bloggers of biblioblogdom will say, "I was there," unless they weren't in which case they will say nothing and gaze ashamedly at their bunny-slippered feet. Email me and don't miss out, bigjon[at]

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  1. See a great discussion on/intro to Mythicism vs. Historicism, by the great Bretton Garcia and others, on Dr. James McGrath's blog. The extended discussion on "Carrier and other Mythicists Respond" to Ehrmann, is the central but not only contribution: